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CRB's own daily fundamental and technical market analysis, updated every business morning before the markets open to give you the freshest possible perspective on what's influencing the markets.

A wealth of fundamental research and technical commentary not found anywhere else, this online market letter covers over 35 major markets. Includes specific instructions on what to look for in each market, when to buy or go short, where to place stops, initial objectives, and much more designed specifically to help make you a more profitable trader.

Most traders make their trading decisions based on technical analysis and technical trading systems. However, combining both fundamentals and technicals gives you an even more powerful trading approach to the markets. Understanding the fundamentals helps you to gauge market direction, how far the market may move, and when the market may move.

We help you to understand these factors through our fundamental commentary. We analyze factors such as Fed policy, inflation, interest rates, stock market earnings and valuation, the dollar, metal and petroleum fundamentals, crop reports and global crop conditions, and livestock and softs fundamentals. We also use the Commitment of Traders to analyze how the big funds are impacting the markets.

The Daily Fundamental and Technical reports are available from the CRB DataCenter and updated twice each business day. When you combine fundamental and technical analysis you have the most complete picture of market activity possible.

Financial market comments are updated by 7:00am (Chicago) and the Agricultural market comments are updated by 8:00am (Chicago).

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